Information about participating teams will be published on this page in the future.

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Roland Schuler Teams

Rene Blaser HB-QUE

Team: Rene Blaser
Ballon Team Rene Blaser: HB-QUE

Thedi Bolli HB-QRR

Team: Thedi Bolli
Ballon Team Thedi Bolli: HB-QRR

Manuel Knobelspiess HB-QZA

Team: Manuel Knobelspiess
Ballon Team Manuel Knobelspiess: HB-QZA

Leo Ersfeld D-OYPS

Team: Leo Ersfeld
Ballon Team Leo Ersfeld: D-OYPS

Otto Sutter HB-QZD

Team: Otto Sutter
Ballon Team Otto Sutter: HB-QZD

Balthasar Wicki HB-QWP

Team: Balthasar Wicki
Ballon Team Balthasar Wicki: HB-QWP