Toggenburg: In the middle of the canton of St. Gallen

The Toggenburg region of Switzerland lies in the middle of the canton of St Gallen, just one hour’s drive from Zurich airport and from Lake Constance (known as the “Bodensee” in Switzerland). The twin valleys of the Thur and Neckertal rivers offer a perfect blend of conditions for living, working and well-being. The beautiful environment and wide range of educational, recreational and cultural possibilities come together to offer a very high quality of life. Toggenburg has over 30 towns and villages, some large and others that consist of just a few houses. Most of these have retained their original charms but vary widely in their location, accessibility and facilities for tourists. Toggenburg is an area of hills, mountains, pastures and alpine meadows.

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Ballooning in Ebnat-Kappel during Winter.

Culture in Toggenburg

Toggenburg is the main cultural region of the canton of St. Gallen. The wide range of cultural activities and events on offer is much greater than average for a rural region and is also extremely varied. This can be seen from the great creativity and openness of the people of the area. Culture in Toggenburg is both strongly rooted in the traditions of the area whilst also embracing modern arts; traditional folk music has its place here alongside jazz, rock-pop, classical concerts, country music, cabaret, readings and theatre, presented on small stages or at theme evenings. Artists of every type live and bring their works to life in Toggenburg. This rich variety brings extra life to the villages. Many museums in the region – from the model railway museum to the “Zwinglihaus” – also bear witness to the thriving Toggenburg cultural landscape. 

Events in the Toggenburg

More events can be found on the website of Toggenburg Tourism.